Friday, December 3, 2010

Why blog, why now?

Blogs have been around for a long long time.  There are a gazillion of them out there, just type any search term you can think of and there's bound to be a blog devoted to that topic.  So why should I start one now?

The idea has NOT been brewing with me for some time, and it isn't something I ever thought I would be doing.  In fact I just came up with the thought yesterday, and decided to go with my spontaneity.

What draws me in is the concept of putting my thoughts down, journal style.  I don't keep a journal anymore, it's been years since I've written with any regularity.

[sidenote: I'm fairly convinced it's because of my laptop computer, whose presence is ever demanding of my attention.  It's hard for me to find paper and pen, let alone a suitable journal to have handy.  But these are all just excuses, I suppose.  Perhaps I just feel more comfortable pulling my thoughts out onto a keyboard.  It's faster and it's how I communicate the written word these days.]

This will not be the kind of journal that tries to track my every thought or event that happens in my life.  I find those quite boring even to read about myself, let alone anyone else to find interesting.  Rather this will be a place to put the highlights of what I come across on any given day/week/month.  The topics and ideas that tickle my funny bone, inspire me, make me stop and think, cause me to see the world in a new light.  That, I believe is what make life beautiful and rewarding.

If other folks find the same things interesting and feel like reading along, or joining in the discussion, wonderful!  If not, I will still enjoy the process of doing it for me.

Now for a look at the history of blogging.  The first "web log" came about in 1997, unclear who exactly may have been the first.

Another interesting question is how many blogs are there on the internet?

That too is a slippery question, since so many have been created over the years and very often abandoned.  The answer seems to be "a lot" or maybe in the hundreds of million that are actively updated.
Who knows.  Well, here's one more to add to the list anyway!

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